Obeir Spanking Bench

At Adam & Eve
Supports Knees & Body For Spanking, Bondage & More! Protected by Adam & Eve’s Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy Make spanking and other kinky fun easier and more comfortable than ever with this new position aid from Liberator! • Provides a soft & sturdy base for power play & bondage games • Curvy shape allows for better support and easier transitions • Extended base offers soft & comfortable cushion for knees • Added height makes your partner’s rear more accessible • Comes with four fully adjustable cuffs for bondage • Use the bench to improve your favorite positions – old and new • Comes with detailed illustrations to jumpstart your creativity • Measures 24.5 inches long by 24 inches wide by 18 inches high • Made from high-density, contoured foam for durability • Comes with a microfiber cover that unzips for easy cleaning The position aid from Liberator adds a kinky element to your sex life by providing a soft and sturdy base for spanking, dominance and bondage. The bench is shaped to naturally fit your body, providing firm support while making it easier to switch positions. The extended base provides a natural cushion for your partner’s knees when they bend over the top. And the bench is the ideal height for you to reach your partner’s rear for spanking and other pursuits! Named after the French verb meaning “to obey,” the Obeir Spanking Bench is designed for bondage as well as dominance and control. Four adjustable restraints clip onto the sides of the bench. This versatile design allows you to quickly and easily arrange the restraints in a wide variety of bondage poses. Each restraint is lightly padded for your comfort and fastens with Velcro for quick and easy use. With its soft and thick foam construction, the spanking bench makes a great position aid… even if you never actually use it for spanking! The comfortable foam acts like a giant cushion or super-soft pillow to take the stress and strain off your joints – particularly your knees. You can also use the bench to elevate your lover’s hips and pelvis or red