Calcarius Nu Litr Orange Wine, Puglia, Italy

At Forest Wines
Vibrant orange in colour, and tasting as good as it looks. Excellent freshness, some grip, but not to a challenging amount. Broad citrus and stone fruit flavours, with a light hint of flower honey. Easy to like, and in a litre format! Calcarius are based in Apricena, in the northern region of Gargano, Puglia (just south of Abruzzo).Valentina Passalacqua oversee a farm comprising 80 hectares of vines, fruit, and vegetables. This project bears the fruits of patient observation, attention to terroir, and a commitment to indigenous varietals. The vineyards are characterised by Kimmeridgian calcareous soils (thus Calcarius) and are true wines of terroir - mineral, tense, and uncompromising. Valentina has been the leading exponent of biodynamics in Puglia since 2000. Origin: Gargano, Puglia, Italy Vintage: 2019 Grape variety: Falanghina Food pairing: On its own, Shellfish, Vegetarian, Appetizers and snacks ABV: 11%