Nike Shape Zip Women's Medium Support Sports Bra

At Nike
This super-supportive style (designed for medium to high-impact activities, like gym workouts, running, and dance) zips right open for easy dressing and undressing. Finally, you don't have to be silently struggling to get your sports bra on and off in the locker room. Instead, you can slip into it one arm at a time, just like you're putting on a jacket. Then, you simply zip your girls into place and get on your way. As for the rest of the specs, this bra features built-in stabilizers, sweat-wicking fabric, and molded cups so that you don't sacrifice shape for support. It's currently offered for $55 in sizes XS to XL, and no, you can't feel the zipper on your skin at all (it's completely lined on the inside). Plus, it's got a unique racer-meets-scoop-back, so you're not sacrificing style, either. Truthfully, this piece opened our eyes to a world of easy, zip-on, zip-off sports bras, and we can't believe we've gone this long without owning one. Finally, we can get ready to workout without the sports bra wrestling match.