Neewer Off Camera Double Speedlight Flash Umbrella Kit

Note:The speedlight is NOT included.Description:(2)33"-/84cm Translucent White Soft Umbrella:The translucent white umbrella can soften,broaden and diffuse the light output of any tungsten or studio flash source.Material: Nylon material,Aluminum shaftSize:33"-/84cmFolded Length:22.4"-/57cmShaft diameter:8mm(2)33"-/84cm Black &- Silver Reflective Umbrella:The black/silver umbrella softens all light sources while maximizing light spread and reflects more light.Inner silver lining reflects light and makes your picture brighter.Outer black lining keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo.Ideal for eliminating warmth from an object or subject.Color:Black outside,Silver insideDiameter:33"-/84cm(2)6.89 feet/210cm Light stand:Solid and safe with 3 legs stages.For simple storage and transport,the stand collapses easily and is very lightweight to carry.Its solid locking capabilities ensure the safety of your lighting equipment when in use.Material:Aluminum AlloyMaximum height:6.89 feet/210cmSpigot:1/4 (need adapter to convert to 3/8)Segments:3(2)Shoemount B-Type Brackets:The holder/bracket can be attached to your light stand,just insert your flash unit and umbrella and adjust your mount so it is at an optimum angle for producing fantastic results every timeHot shoe flash mount on top makes it easy to mount a hot-shoe Flash/Slave Sensor/ReceiverHot shoe size can be adjusted (17-23mm)There is a 5/8"- socket to mount a flash unit to a light stand.An useful flash light mount for your cameras that is adjustable to accommodate a wide range of hot shoe flashes.Suitable for:All hot-shoe flashes except Sony and Minolta Brands.(1)Carrying Bag:With carrying bag,custom designed for photography accessories.Great for transporting light stands,umbrellas and other accessories.