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Natural Scandinavian Moss Bowl

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On trend brilliant green 'Scandinavian Preserved Moss Buns' and 'Finnish Reindeer Moss', set in a rustic concrete look pot. Imported from Poland, these mosses combined produce a truly unique and on trend home decor. Moss products are currently one of the most popular trends among top interior designers so why not place in your office to calm your senses, your lounge to WOW or your bathroom to accessorize. As well as looking truly stunning, these mosses have amazing properties: - Completely Natural & Environmentally friendly - Hypoallergenic - doesn't not produce allergies and is safe for children and animals - Has antistatic properties so doesn't collect dust! - Natural organic dyes used for colouring - The preservative process has stopped the moss in time and is 100% maintenance free with no care or watering needed - The moss cleans the air through the entire cycle of absorption and release of moisture from the environment - air is filtered! ** Please be aware that as these products are natural, during shipping, even though they will be packed with the upmost care, items are extremely delicate and may shed when opened after transporting. **