La La Lash

Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

This eyelash serum not only grows thicker, longer lashes - it doubles as an eyebrow enhancing serum. It working as an enhancer so you will get the youthful gorgeous look. Grab that ultra-glamorous babe lash look with this formula designed with maximum enhancing properties. No need for make up, fake lashes or expensive cosmetic procedures any more! Our rapid lash regrowth serum really works at promoting eyelash growth and as an eyelash conditioner. Made in the USA from natural ingredients, our hypoallergenic lash serum is gentle treatment but extremely effective. In just 60 days or less, you will achieve naturally lush and thick lashes and brows in a safe and healthy way. Features: - Hypoallergenic, Irritation-Free formula - Natural and Completely safe - Rapid and Effective - Made in America