Okachi Gliya

Nano Facial Steamer

The Actual Nano Ionic Facial Steamer. A Nano steamer is 10X more effective in penetrating skin than normal face steamers. Preparation of the hot steam ready in 30 seconds. This Face Sauna Steamer Is A Must-have Tool for Your Skincare Routine. It provides a thorough Moisture for your facial skin and helps pores open, which makes it easier for the following cleansing steps such as blackheads extraction. This Facial Steamer for Home Facials Is Very Easy to Operate. Filled with distill water and start by the touch switch. The facial steamer stops automatically when the water runs up. Facial Steamer BPA Free. This Nano facial steamer is made of BPA free plastic material. It produces no plastic smell and toxic odor. It can work for all skin types including normal skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. Home Facial Steamer with Double-faced HD Makeup Mirror. This design is to bring great convenience for you so that you can work on your face with the help of the attached mirror at the same time when you are enjoying the face sauna