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Moonstone Ring

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- 14kt Rose Gold Vermeil - Authentic Rainbow Moonstone - White Topaz embellished - Soft & feminine ring showcases a large eye-catching Moonstone The combination of Moonstone and Rose Gold is always aesthetically pleasing.  It is a simple yet beautiful pairing that suits all occasions and transcends time. The Harlow Moonstone Rose Gold Vermeil Ring uses this combination to bring to life a vintage-inspired look that will enhance your jewelry collection.  The oval-cut rose quartz stone is surrounded by small White Topaz gems sitting on the rose gold band.  The Harlow will add sparkle and joy to any outfit, whether casual or formal. Details: Stone Size: 0.39" x 0.31" (10mm x 8 mm) ☾∙✦∙☾  *The base metal is 925 Sterling Silver (perfect for those with skin allergies to other metals). The silver is then gold-plated with a thick 14kt rose gold layer.