Base Roots

Moon Phases Wall Hanging

PHASES OF THE MOON shine with this decorative gold garland creating peace and comfort in any room HANDMADE with hammered metal moons and iron chains, each piece is unique and original as you are too EASY HOME DECOR to hang as wall art or in any space with nails, pins or hooks(hardware not included) GREAT AS A GIFT perfect for a boho Christmas present or your own festive, holiday decor this season Overall horizontal length 36”; total of 13 moons; hanging down at 2"-4"; moon length at 2.25” BASE ROOTS blends together modern nature & traditional craft to the comfort of your home PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENCE IN COLOR + LENGTH GARLANDS w/ 13 moons - horizontally, chain length 36"; moons hanging ranging 2-4" BANNERS w/ 7 moons - horizontal or vertical, chain length 34”; moon width 2.25” Inspired by the changing process of phases of the moon, this home decor accent will bring peace, relaxation and comfort to your space. It adds a lovely decorative touch to the bedroom, dorm room, living room, entry way, or office. Perfect to hang on a wall, above a mirror, fireplace, window, bed frame, desk, couch or as a photo backdrop. Beautiful as boho Christmas decor this holiday season and to keep shining all year long. Eco-friendly packaging is gift ready and includes a cotton satchel bag, each gold moon phase hanging is wrapped in tissue paper to protect from scratches. Great as a present to fellow fans of celestial modern art or bohemian decor. Hardware is NOT included to be styled to your preference. The lightweight chain can be set up with nails, hooks, push pins, thumb tacks or command hooks. Each moon is handmade and hammered differently. The pictures show the hangings in different light settings which may cause shine or matte effect. It may have slight marks, adding to the patina or not be perfectly symmetrical with measurements varying slightly. Every piece is gorgeous in it’s own way with uniqueness and originality. Please use caution when handling, each crescent is filed and sanded at the sharp edges. Based on the fact