Air Mini

FDA-cleared to destroy viruses: Molekule Air Mini is FDA-cleared as a 510(k) Class II medical device to destroy viruses & bacteria, and trap 95% of particles 0.3-1 micron in size. Made for smaller spaces: designed for smaller spaces up to 250 sq. ft. like studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms & home offices PECO-powered: Uses Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology to destroy viruses, allergens, bacteria, mold, chemicals & more With 5 fan speeds to choose from, you can customize your purification needs, from whisper quiet, to boost. For home-or-commercial healthcare use, Mini should be used on fan speed 3 or higher. PECO-Filter status indicator: Easily track the replacement schedule for your PECO-Filter Ready to purify: Comes with a 6-month filter. Automatic filter refills available. See manufacturer's website. Whisper quiet: With a 39-decibel Silent Mode, Air Mini is sonically unobtrusive Molekule has reimagined the future of clean air through its breakthrough, patented PECO technology that destroys pollutants. Below are the steps for this process: Make sure the device is plugged into a working outlet. Remove the plastic wrap on the PECO-Filter. Turn the lid clockwise until it fully clicks into place. Make sure your device is on a flat surface Try placing the device on floor in between your feet while turning the lid. You may need to remove the lid and try closing the lid several times until it finally locks into place. If your device still will not power on follow these steps: Unplug the device Place your finger on the center button on the lid Plug the device back in, continue to hold finger on button for 5 seconds