Epy Huts

Modern Wall Clock

SIZE-This modern simple 10 inch round clock. CLEAR VIEW-The large numbers are clear to read and the front glass cover guarantees crystal - clear view. Contemporary style with teal dial and white numbers also makes it easier to read. NON-TICKING MOVEMENT-To further enhance your experience the Quartz wall clock comes with silent sweep function which ensures no ticking to confirm a good sleep or relaxed working environment. DECORATIVE DESIGN- The frame is solid and sturdy giving a modern feel to the entire room decoration. Simple yet elegant design that is well suited for virtually any room decor. Hang in your office for a simple touch or in the living room to create a modern atmosphere. Back nail slot ensures easy installation. UTMOST PRECISION-Quartz wall clock battery operated guarantees accurate time throughout its life with average battery lasting more than 1 year. Powered by 1 AA battery (not included).