Costa Farms

Mini Heart-shaped Lucky Bamboo

Easy-to-grow green bamboo houseplant delicately twisted into the shape of a heart – great for desks and tabletops Grows submerged in water; simply place in a watertight container and surround stems with marbles, stones, or other materials Comes in a red, ready-to-decorate Valentine ceramic container topped with decorative rock Place in low or medium light for best results; diffuse light if placed in spot with bright sunlight Used to attract health, happiness, love, and abundance in Feng Shui, Lucky Bamboo adds a bold note to indoor decor and it can be grown without planting in soil – just submerge in water and pebbles, gravel, marbles, or even colorful gels. It comes in an endless variety of arrangements, including twists and curls – and this heart shape sold by Costa Farms. This heart-shaped Lucky Bamboo ships in a red, ready-to-decorate Valentine ceramic container that's topped with decorative rock. This slow-growing houseplant grows well on desks and tabletops, making it a fun addition to your office, school, or home. Because lucky bamboo typically grows in water, you can personalize yours by putting it in watertight container you wish – secure the stems in place with marbles, stones, or other materials. Place Lucky Bamboo in low or medium light for best results, and protect it with a sheer curtain to diffuse very bright light. Lucky bamboo is happiest when you keep the stems submerged in water. If you use fertilizer, use one that is designed for aquatic plants and follow the directions on the fertilizer package. If your lucky bamboo outgrows its container, you can easily transfer it to a larger container. Pack in pebbles, stones, or other materials to help keep the stems upright. Grown by Costa Farms, a family-owned farm based in Miami, Florida that grows more than 1,000 varieties of high-quality plants for in and around your home.