Mini Desk Humidifier

Annoyance with Existing Humidifiers: 1, Traditional humidifiers take up too much space 2, Mist output is too small, vertical mist output produces not enough moisture and causes moisture buildup on surfaces 3, Water capacity is low, need to refill frequently The DCMEKA MINI USB Humidifier gives you a solution to all these problems Product Features:1, Tilt angle plated spray nozzle produces better humidification 2, ABS +PC (Plastic) transparent reservoir, environmentally friendly safe materials 3, Humidification Coverage: 8 Square Meter. 4, Transparent max water window provides a clear view of the water level 5, USB powered, easy to use, 2m cable for you to move the humidifier freely 6, Easy top filling, no need to unplug it when a refill is needed. 7,One button to control all modes/functions Package Includes(Note-seeds are not included):1*Humidifier1*User Manual1*USB Cable2*Cotton Sticks1*Ornament Stone Product Specification:Voltage:5vPower:3WWeight:260gTimer: 4 Hours Auto Shut Off Product Maintenance: If the spray nozzle becomes blocked or if the mist output gets smaller due to water scale,simply wet the cotton stick with white vinegar, rotate to clean the spray nozzle , and the mist output will return to normal. How often you need to change the cotton swabs varies by the water quality used. Generally, it is recommend to replace the cotton stick every six months. To extend the life of the humidifier, it is recommended to clean the cotton stick once every 3-4 days.Note: 1,Be careful not to overfill the max water level 2, Use only tap water, do not use distilled water. 3,Seeds are not included in this package, you can plant your favorite plants as you like 4,Do not add essential oil in the water, you can add few drops on the plants to relieve your mood if you wish