Mid-century Modern Ceramic Planter With Wood Stand

MODERN MID-CENTURY DESIGN: Kimisty RETRO mid-century planter is not only a plant pot but a design piece which will infuse both minimalism and functionality to your space. Use it as your side table or coffee table decor, to maintain warm, lived-in sense in your indoor living area. It may be small, but no doubt it will be the most attention grabbing, memorable decoration piece in your home and will collect many compliments. (Plants not included) MINIMALISM & FUNCTIONALITY, HIDDEN SAUCER FOR LESS MESS: Kimisty RETRO Planters’ characteristic design is thoughtful in even in small details. Thanks to its hidden saucer, you enjoy minimalistic design while letting your drainage work perfectly without mess. Kimisty RETRO planters have ideal size for your mid-size cactus, succulent arrangements, baby plants and flowers. (Ceramic Pot 5.5 D X 3.5 H inch, Wood Stand 6 D X 5 H inch)