Math Magazine Issue 6

At Babeland
"It's not about mathematics," proclaims "radically inclusive porn" publication MATH, but turn a few pages and it adds up to a frisky, creative and diverse exploration of sex and sexuality, bodies and bliss. Founder/editor MacKenzie Peck has a passion for re-envisioning porn via new sexual narratives and highlighting desires and bodies too often neglected in mainstream media. Expect an array of genders, an assortment of bodies, and a bouquet of beauty types in every issue. Did we mention it's explicit? And smart? And artistic? ISSUE SIX includes work from artists Andrew Carr, Brianna Ashley Chin, Musta Fior, Marcin Krupa, Xiao Mei, Hannah Moghbel, Noomi Roomi, Alexandra Violet, Hannah Xenakis.