Massaging Eye Wand Set

At Target
Relax and prep the skin around the eyes with the e.l.f.'s Massaging Eye Wand and Illuminating Eye Cream. The gentle vibrations and heat from the wand help retain moisture to better absorb eye cream. The device features a curved handle that is designed to provide ease of use while a cap protects the device. Included in packaging: one AAA battery to power the device and e.l.f.'s Illuminating Eye Cream. e.l.f.'s illuminating eye cream minimizes dark circles, nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin with jojoba, vitamin E, and cucumber. How to use: Remove wrapping of the eye massage wand and insert battery provided into the device. Apply the device to the eye area, and place your fingers on the smart sensor (metal part of the wand) to turn the device on. To activate the device, the device must be in contact with your skin while your fingers are on the smart sensor. Working from the inside out, slowly glide outward. To clean the tool, gently wipe the head with a dry cloth after use. Store device at room temperature.