Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo Cloud White Serene Matte Metal Hangers Case Of 20

At The Container Store
In the KonMari Method™, folding clothes so they can be filed neatly into drawers or Hikidashi Boxes is the general rule of storage. But there are exceptions to every rule! Garments made of thicker fabrics - jackets, suits, and coats - and anything that wrinkles easily should be hung; flowy dresses and blouses especially appreciate room to breathe. As part of our exclusive collection of sustainable products designed by Marie Kondo, these Serene Matte Metal Suit Hangers are a versatile solution. These are suit hangers that help all clothes keep their shape without creating creases or peaky shoulders. The smooth, natural beech wood bar is perfect for securely draping pants and skirts while preventing creases from forming. Sturdy enough for heavy items like jackets and jeans, the hangers' slim profile means they won't take up extra space in your closet.