Maison Deux

Maison Deux Eyes Rug

At The Tot
Established in 2016, Maison Deux was founded by Pia & Woes Weinberg after the birth of their twin son and daughter. The celebration of new life and a turbulent start inspired them to build a new home. A home for kids and their parents, a home for two, Maison Deux. Founded to design fun, minimalist products for contemporary homes, all of their products are crafted from high-quality and natural materials that last for generations. Uniquely known for their simple and iconic products with a playful twist. A playful set of two bold, round shaped rugs. Besides their function as decorative items, the Eye Rugs own a playful element, encouraging imagination. Turn the eyes around to create different expressions. Look left, right, up, dizzy… All eyes on you! Key features: Hand-tufted from 100% pure new wool Set of two eye-shaped rugs Different levels of piles for added dimension Unique addition to nursery or playroom Dimensions: 27.5″ D / 70 cm Advisory: use anti-slip mat underneath