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Luxe Wearable Vibra Plug

At Adam and Eve
Your Every Move Delivers Amazing Anal Stimulation! Needs no batteries! All you do is walk...or more! It's like a comfy ben-wa ball for your butt! Inside this firm, smooth silicone anal plug is a hollow core with an inner ball that rolls and rocks with your every move –– as you walk, run, even dance! Enjoy delicious sensations inside as you do everyday house work or chores. Luxe Wearable Vibra Plug Anal plug with hollow core + inner ball that moves as you do Creates tingly sensations inside No batteries, no motors 3.5" long, 1.75" wide, 3" insertable Safety handle for easy removal also conforms to you Slender neck for comfort is easy to wear Pure silicone is hypoallergenic Non-porous, fragrance free, body safe, easy to clean Smooth satin finish is great with lube Your Luxe Wearable Vibra Plug has a slender neck that makes it easy to wear for prolonged periods of time during sexual (or non-sexual) activities. A sex toy like the Luxe Wearable Vibra Plug stimulates PC muscles and the prostate with no motorized controls or batteries. Clean the Luxe Wearable Vibra Plug before and after use with mild dish soap, warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner. Some anal sex toy fans like to slip a condom over the toy before insertion. This makes for easier clean-up later, when you dispose of the condom after use. If simple anal stimulation is what you've been craving, then the Luxe Wearable Vibra Plug is the solution you've been looking for.