Lucy Williams Gold Large Cameo Necklace

At Missoma
1987 | RETRO REIMAGINED The Lucy Williams Large Cameo Necklace features an engraved cameo, taking Lucy's love of Roman iconography and fusing it with the 90s trend for cameo jewellery. The engraved pendant is a classic statement-maker and is perfect for layering with long and short chains. The 1987 collection revives classic vintage style, inspired by Lucy’s memories growing up and a love of her mother’s jewellery box. The collection reimagines nostalgic pieces inspired by the 80s and 90s, created with Missoma’s signature layering in mind. Pendant Metal: 18ct Gold Plated on brass metal Pendant Dimensions: 13.7mm x 21.5mm Chain Metal: 18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver Medium Rope Chain: Total length 500mm with continuous extensions from 460mm - 500mm. Weight: 12.3g