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Instant Eye Opening Mascara. Volumizes and curls, lash by lash. 4 out of 5 women saw bigger, wide open eyes. 90* percent agreed does not clump upon application. Open your eyes to Bambi Eye Mascara and discover an instant eye-opening result that curls and volumizes lashes. Bambi Eye's black velvety washable formula glides on smoothly for lifted, elongated lashes, without clumps. The unique Wide-Eyed Brush features short and long bristles to separate and coat every lash. 4 out of 5* women saw bigger, wide-open eyes with Bambi. 90%* agreed it does not clump upon application. Lifted, curled lashes and plenty of definition for a wide, open-eyed effect are just a few swipes away with Bambi Eye Mascara.