Live Red Maranta Prayer Plant In 4″

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Red Maranta is a red-veined evergreen plant, which is perfectly looks on the windowsill even in a small space. It is also known as Herringbone Plant or Prayer Plant. Named after Bartolomeo Maranta, an Italian physician and botanist of the sixteenth century. Prayer plant Red Maranta got it's name from the fact that its leaves stay flat during the day, then fold up like praying hands at night. The leaves will grow almost in horizontal position if the conditions are suitable for growing, but otherwise it will turn the leaves up as if it prays. And it is considered as well that this houseplant can protect the house from the negative energy and disputes. Growing conditions: - lightning: Red Maranta needs a lot of light but diffused one. Otherwise its foliage can lose its spectacular color. - watering: during the spring and summer period the watering should be copious, while make sure that the soil is not too moist in winter. Use soft and warm water (a little higher that room temperature). - fertilizing: feed once in two weeks during growing period. The fertilizing should be of organic as well as of mineral type. - nuances: as a tropical plant, Red Maranta requires high level of humidity. In order to enhance the humidity level, it is necessary to put the plant into a tray with moist moss or gravel-stones. In summer the plant can grow with the temperature not higher than 77°F, in winter it should be not less than 65°F. Red Maranta prefers to be repotted once in two years in the early spring. To make this gorgeous plant last and fill your life with joy, we encourage you to learn more about it online. Please be advised that not every plant is alike. Your plant may look little different from the advertised; however, be assured, we handpicked our plants to meet your expectations.