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Calandiva is commonly known as Flaming Katy, Madagascar Widow’s-thrill, Florists Kalanchoe, Christmas Kalanchoe. It is a delicate evergreen succulent plant with double flower and glossy thick leaves. Its peculiarity among other Kalanchoes is its blooming which lasts almost half a year during autumn and winter. Although the plant is small, it still looks very delicate especially if there is not too much free space in the house. Calandiva attracts all lovers of small blooming plants, because it looks amazing on any window sill. Growing conditions: -lighting: it can grow in half-shadow, but still Calandiva appreciates bright light without direct sunrays. It can feel fine in too much dark places. Direct sun can cause some foliage burns. -watering: the plant should be watered as soon as the top soil becomes dry. It is necessary to use mild, settled water or rain water. -fertilizing: use the fertilizers for succulent plants in summer and autumn during the formation of flower buds. It is better not to use fertilizers with high level of nitrogen, because the roots can start to rot. Use fertilizers once or twice per month. -nuances: Calandiva prefers dry air and doesn’t need extra mist. Calandiva is unpretentious for temperature, so its range can be between 59 and 86 °F, but not less than 50 °F, because it is sensitive to cold weather. As the size of the plant is not big, so the repotting is necessary only if the pot is small for it or if it requires some healing. To make this gorgeous plant last and fill your life with joy, we encourage you to learn more about it online. Please be advised that not every plant is alike. Your plant may look little different from the advertised; however, be assured, we handpicked our plants to meet your expectations. Rate this description Did you find the above description useful? Let Etsy know.