Linen Pants

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ECOVERO™ is a viscose material produced by Lenzing with raw materials and technology that reduce the impact of the fiber production processes. This fiber is obtained from wood from sustainably managed forests where trees are grown in a controlled manner. What's more, the manufacturer of this fiber is certified as "green shirt" in the Hot Button Report developed by the non-profit organization Canopy, thus guaranteeing the protection of old-growth and endangered forests. Additionally, technologies are used in its production process that comply with parameters established by the European Union of more responsible consumption and management of energy, water, and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Certifications ECOVERO™ is certified by the EU Ecolabel, a label developed by the Directorate-General for Environment of the European Commission which verifies that production processes comply with strict environmental standards. In addition, the wood sourcing is controlled through collaboration with external organizations that verify compliance with our Forest Policy through an audit program, thereby guaranteeing that old-growth and endangered forests are respected. Environmental benefits More sustainably managed forests Reduction of water consumption Reduction of power consumption Reduction of emissions