Haus Laboratories

Le Riot Lip Gloss

This extreme high-shine gel gloss amplifies any look. Comfortable enough to not weigh you down, reflective enough to celebrate yourself with a shimmer, sparkle or true shine finish. RAGING SHINE Just one swipe of this extreme high-shine offers volumizing, mirror-like shine and a reflective finish for fuller-looking lips that demand attention. TAKE YOUR PICK Unlock your power with a range of finishes including shine, shimmer, and sparkle. SHOW OFF, GEL ON. The unique, gel-like formula amplifies your look with an even, creamy texture that won’t back down. Use as a topper for an added layer of shine. LE RIOT LIP GLOSS comes in: HIGH SHINE STFU - Nude Sienna Mic-Drop - Mauve Thorn - Rich Red La Diva - Taupe Rose French Martini - Fuchsia Old Flame - Coral Perfect Illusion - Mocha Corset - Peach Neutral Venus - Peachy Pink Blaze - Rose Werk - Sheer Bright Red Scream - Burgundy Wine SHIMMER Paradise - Berry With Pink Pearl Peach Qween- Peach With Gold Pearl Joanne - Orchid With Pink Pearl Banshee - Merlot With Pink Pearl So Popular - Rose With Pink Pearl Tropiglama - Mandarin Orange With Multi-Color Pearl Entranced - Translucent With Light Pink Pearl Angel Tears - Pink Peach With Multi Color Pearl Diamond Heart - Translucent With Pink Pearl Ethereal - Sheer Pink With Reflective Pearl Attitude - Terracotta With Golden Pearl Lavender Blonde - Lavender Pink With Multi-Color Pearl Violet Disco - Grape With Multi-Color Pearl Chocolate Rain - Chocolate With Red Pearl Chaser - Sheer Mahogany Brown With Golden Pearl Lux Life - Toffee With Pink Pearl Alimony - Translucent With Gold Pearl Glass Slipper- Translucent With Blue and Pink Pearl Vortex - Translucent Black With Multi-Color Pearl Comfortable Smooth Non-drying 0.17 oz / 5 ml Ingredients listed in product images.