Milk Makeup

Kush High Volume Mascara

At Cult Beauty
Guaranteed to give your lashes a dose of TLC, Milk Makeup’s ground-breaking KUSH High Volume Mascara is sure to become your go-to. On a mission to deliver 100% vegan products that are packed with good-for-you ingredients, Milk Makeup swapped beeswax – a common binding ingredient in mascaras – for plant-derived oils which have the nourish the lashes while ensuring that the colour glides on seamlessly from root to tip. The hi-tech product also contains hollow heart-shaped fibres that lock onto each individual lash for phenomenal (flake-free) fullness and of course, a mascara is nothing without a good brush – and damn it, does this one deliver. Named 'Puff Puff Brush' by the brand, the chunky wand is cleverly designed with criss-cross bristles that coat each and every eyelash without leaving any clumps. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Milk Makeup prove us wrong – the product is not only vegan, but cruelty and paraben-free.