Kosas Lipstick

Kosas Lipstick "The pigment and payoff of Kosas Lipstick is insane. Rosewater and Royal are my two daily go-tos." - Erica,Credo Director of Ecommerce,San Francisco HQ This Product Is:a high-impact lipstick Good for:long-lasting, weightless lip color Why We Like It: Kosas Lipsticks not only plump and hydrate lips, but this botanically-infused formula delivers comfortable, long-lasting results. The energizing, vibrant shades are fun, bold and flattering. Weightless and approachable, it's an easy lipstick to wear all day. Shop the Kosas Lipsticks in eight shades: Rosewater(cool tone sheer pink): The fairytalerose. Full of youthfulness and intoxicating romance, this dusky pink rose is the secret to blushing beauty. Stardust(warm tone sheer neutral):The prismatic sheer. As easy to wear as lip balm and equally kissable, a hint of dreamy lavender makes this dynamic neutral infinitely more magical. Undone(warm tone opaque neutral):The sexy, high-impact neutral. A makeup bag staple reimagined, this toasted pink elevates natural lip color, bringing a radiant, healthy glow with it. Royal (cool tone bright berry):The bright bloom. A petal-soft floral hue that transforms, it plays the part of a ripe berry one moment and a sophisticated orchid the next. Thrillest(warm tone true poppy):The adventurous poppy. Wake up to the possibilities with this bold, energizing orange-red. For the risk-takers and statement-makers. Electra(cool tone bright red):The quintessential red lipstick. Supremely wearable, concentrated pigment in a low-maintenance, non-feathering formula instantly delivers a full look, nothing else required. Fringe (warm tone deep red):The alternative red lipstick. Fierce and feminine, this buildable brick shade captures effortless confidence and unapologetic sexiness. Darkroom(cool tone rich burgundy):The vampy bordeaux. Inspired by the metamorphosis that takes place when the lights go out, this unprecious, buildable deep plum has a flair for the dramatic.