Jewel Collection Jelly Highlighter In Prestigious

At Superdrug
Bought this a few days ago, didn’t expect to like it but I do. It’s a pretty, glowy highlighter for sure, not subtle by any means. Doesn’t emphasise texture on my skin and doesn’t dry down straight away so it gives you time to work with it, and it doesn’t shift my foundation underneath. Packaging and product are nice for the price. However, I’m about an F6 in their foundation and I can only just get away with this, but that may be due to the pink colour itself showing up. Also, I find this difficult to apply - sponge seems to be working the best so far. The product is so thick that a sponge picks up so much, and when you try and scrape some off it just absorbs more, then you get loads distributed on your face. Overall: nice but the product texture itself could do with being runnier, like the Farsalí jelly beam.