It’s Lit Dad Hat

When it’s time to get outside and find new adventures, a good hat can make all the difference- especially if you’re trying to stay cooler, minimize exposure to the sun, and be a little stylish at the same time. That’s why we created ChoKoLids Cotton cap made with soft, breathable cotton and a wide, comfortable brim. Great for keeping the sun off your face and the back of your neck, these travel hats make a smart choice for anyone who plays recreational sports, enjoys going fishing or camping, is about to hit their favorite hiking trail, or just likes staying cool at the beach. Adjustable Metal Buckle. Adjustable Metal Buckle Back Closure lets you adjust the size for better fit on your head. This ensures the ChoKoLids summer travel hat provides a perfect fit to teens and adults of all ages. Fun, Trendy Look. Along with the seven great color options these cute men’s and women’s hats offer a stylistic look that pairs well with everything from a stylish blouse top to a great pair of khaki pants. Embrace your personal style without sacrificing comfort. Everyday Ready Comfort . Great for beach trips, days at the lake, or lounging by the pool, the cotton dries out quickly when it gets wet and still maintains the comfort and fit you’ll love. They’re also designed specifically for travelers and adventurers, so you can crush these hats and stuff them even the tightest spaces to help save room in a travel bag or luggage carry on. Product Details:. Breathable Cotton Comfort. Adjustable Metal Buckle on the back. Packable, Flexible, Crushable. Fit in a Pocket, Backpack, or Bag. Available in Various Exciting Colors.