Invisible Bandage

At Violette_Fr
Imagine an invisible bandage for your skin that fuses protective benefits with healing treatment actives and makeup priming properties. Formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin, Invisible Bandage soothes blemishes, minor cuts, and burns while acting like a protective barrier from external factors such as bacteria and pollution that may cause infection. The clear, matte formula primes skin and creates a smooth surface for even makeup application. Invisible Bandage goes on like a clear topcoat to protect and soothe skin. It creates the perfect surface for foundation, concealer, and powder to hold better and last longer. Invisible Bandage is also ideal worn on its own with a shine-free, no-peel finish. TIPS Apply after skincare as needed AM and PM as the last step in your skincare routine. If using SPF, apply before mineral sunscreen and after chemical sunscreen. Can be used on the face or body. Do not use it on open wounds. To remove, simply use water (if bare-faced) or your regular makeup cleanser (if wearing makeup), then rinse clean. After use, recommend wiping or rinsing the applicator with water as needed. Pat the applicator dry before closing.