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Intensive Nourishment Cream No-rinse Conditioner

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Get your hair ready with our no-rinse Intensive Nourish Cream Conditioner. The Good Stuff conditioners are just too good to rinse off, packed with active goodness to take care of your hair. It's a win-win. "No-rinse" means keeping the good stuff working in your locks all day, while saving water, which is good for the planet. Product Benefits include the following: (1) Good for strength: Coconut Oil smoothes the cuticle of each fiber, nourishing dry and brittle hair. (2) Good for moisturization: Glycerin works to hydrate your hair. Leaving it soft and silky, all day long. (3) Good for protection: Lightweight micro-silicones shield your hair from daily damage and add shine while they're at it. How to use? To get the best from your Good Stuff, lather up with our sulfate-free shampoo first. Skip the rinse-off conditioner. Start with a quarter-sized amount, spread on your hands and work through towel-dried hair, avoiding the roots. Then do your stuff - drying and styling as you wish. The good stuff doesn't end there. We have a whole range of no-rinse conditioners to help with your other hair needs and concerns. Each ingredient we use has an important role to play. Find out more about conditioners and our other hair care products at the thegoodstuffhair website