Daily Vibrations

Infinity Cubes

CALMING AND COOL: Our soothing pink tie-dye fidget infinity cube was created to help kids and adults improve focus and deal with daily stress. The non-distracting colors and size of our mini cubes allow you to take your fidget toy discreetly anywhere you go. It fits easily in the palm of your hand for one-handed operation ability and portable fidgeting relief REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS QUICKLY: We all need a little help sometimes dealing with life's challenges. Our fidget cubes work to diffuse anxiety related to overwhelming daily routines or other stressful moments in life. Anxiety relief toys are ideal for both the adult or child who crave a sense of control or who need to appropriately channel energy quickly and efficiently FINE TUNE YOUR FOCUS: The infinity cube fidget toy can help kids and adults focus on the activity at hand and curb restlessness during work, while doing homework, hobbies or other necessary tasks. These fidgets make great autism sensory toys, ADHD fidget toys, anxiety toys, fidget toys for adults, stress toys for kids, or as an activity cube for a child or toddler ELIMINATE BAD HABITS: By focusing energy on a physical task such as our mini fidget toys, attention can be redirected from engaging in bad habits like biting nails, smoking, cracking knuckles, shaking legs, clicking pens, or technology overuse. Our blocks work as effective child or adult fidget tools that pack easily so you can be ready to combat undesirable urges as they arise DURABLE AND COMPACT: Durably constructed from semi-alloy metal material to prevent fall damage yet lightweight so you can comfortably carry it with you throughout your day. Our compact infinity fidget cube is thoughtfully designed with rounded corners to reduce stress on the fingers for lasting fidget comfort at home or on the go Fine Tune Your Focus And Reduce Stress With Our Cool And Soothing Tie-dye Themed Infinity Cubes. Created for both adults and children, our fidget toys are sure to be a lasting favorite with tangible benefits that are ideal for use as an anti-stress toy to combat anxiety, an autism sensory toy, or as ADHD toys to encourage focus. End those bad habits once and for all by focusing energy on our fidget cube instead. Biting nails, smoking, cracking knuckles, shaking legs, clicking pens, or technology overuse will be a thing of the past and you can confidently crush those nagging bad habits that weigh you down. Along with improved learning benefits and stress relief, fidget cubes can improve fine motor skills, assist development of muscles, and improve dexterity and coordination. Our cubes are durably constructed and small enough to take with you everywhere you go. Our infinity fidget cube makes it easy for you to get the daily relief you need at home or on the go. Product Details: Constructed from durable semi-alloy metal Comfort rounded corners Compact to fit in one hand Soothing tie-dye design Lightweight Measures 141 x .075 x .272 inches Weighs .225 pounds Our Mission: Daily Vibrations is an organization that supports truly accepting oneself. Through accepting oneself, one accepts the emotions and the Daily Vibrations that we as humans all feel. Don't stress, simply accept what is. Our infinity cube is the first of its kind, and embodies what we stand for at Daily Vibrations.