Staats Ballett

"independence Rock" Cap Sleeve T-shirt

At Staats Ballett
Cap sleeves with a slimmer torso and double-stitched ribbed crewneck. Independence Rock is a large slab of granite crossed by many along the Emigrant Trail leaving from Missouri. Documented by Samuel Langehorne Clemens, it proved to be a symbol of freedom for some but that is not a universal truth. Typography uses a reimagined 7 Line Grotesque. The graphic was screen printed with a water-based ink while reflected horizontally on the inside of the t-shirt. Wearers can choose a legible subtle black print or turn the t-shirt inside out to rediscover the meaning of true black. Fabricated with a locally-milled cotton in Los Angeles, California.  The material remains unbleached and undyed. Reilly wears a size M Juliette wears a size S Size Charts