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You can tell they're good before you even touch them to your face

Alix TunellFull-time editor
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There's no sort of soapy film, no annoying dispenser that pulls out three when you just want one, just a neat stack of ultra-thin rounds of cotton that smell as though they've been dipped in the freshest, crispest rose water around. They're somehow always cool, too, even on the hottest days in my windowless bathroom, which makes wiping off my makeup feel just as lovely as spritzing on a mist. And that's exactly the point, since they're designed for travel: Skip the mist on the plane (it'll just dry you out more), don't even think of letting that gross bathroom water touch your precious face, and rely on these to keep your skin hydrated and happy. Or just use them in bed after stumbling in the door at 3 a.m. — they'll be the only thing you feel good about in the morning.