Idôle Le Parfum

At Macy's
To the generation that dreams big, strong women. empowered and outspoken. To the leaders of tomorrow, daring. pursuing new horizons and paving a new path. Declare yourself. Be your own Idô.le. Idô.le, a universal perfume. A unifying collision of continents, a paramount story to unfold. Three talented female perfumers from across the world united to create a unique and unprecedented NEW fragrance. With a profound respect for this planet and its people, Idô.le invests in global communities by sourcing ingredients ethically and sustainably. "It's a huge honor to be able to represent a brand like Lancô.me and join such an incredible line-up of iconic women," says Idô.le ambassadress, Zendaya. Her commitments to charitable causes, empowerment and education, together with her strong self-identity and irresistible appeal, embody all things Idô.le. Made for women, by women. Born of the old world, and reimagined, Idô.le is the liberation of your wildest dreams. A dynamic horizontal silhouette, sharp and centered with a golden sphere, embodies female determination. Caressed by a rose gold-hued structure, Idô.le's prismatic crystal will lay flat on your vanity for a touch modern elegance. Innovative, an icon for the new age, Idô.le is not only refillable, but the world's thinnest fragrance bottle.