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Ibi Smart Photo Manager

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Collect Collect photos and videos from your phone and popular social media and cloud accounts — and store them all on ibi™, the smart photo manager.1 You can plug in a USB drive to collect the photos on it and use the ibi desktop app to collect files from your PC or Mac. Organize Easily find what you’re looking for with the intuitive ibi™ app that works on Android™ (6.0+) and iPhone (iOS 10+) devices. You can search by location or use the timeline to find your photos and videos by date. Organize your photos and videos into customizable albums to gather your favorite experiences in one place. Privately Share Invite your closest friends and family to a private space called the Inner Circle where you can all post photos and videos for each other to see. It’s like a social media wall, but you’re in control of sharing it with only the people you choose.  You can also privately share individual photos or entire albums with anyone you like. Invite others to contribute their own photos and videos as well. Perfect for collecting everyone’s photos and videos from events like weddings and baby showers. Stream To TV Stream photos and videos from your ibi™ smart photo manager to the big screen with popular streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV®, Roku® and more, or use Google Chromecast™ to play your videos wirelessly. Simple Setup Just plug in your ibi™ smart photo manager, download the app, and start collecting your memories in one place.