Perfect Image

Hydro-glo 40% Peel Pads

FOR SMOOTH, GLOWING SKIN - Get your glow back with our peel pads containing potent ingredients like glutathione, lactic acid, kojic acid, papaya, bearberry, and pineapple extracts. They help enhance and smooth your skin’s natural appearance. Only use Hydro-Glo 40 after you have successfully used the 10% version. FACIAL TREATMENT IN A PAD - No need to spend too much to experience the most effective skin care treatment. Pamper your skin with facial pads enriched with kojic acid, lactic acid, and natural extracts to hydrate, exfoliate, and clear your skin. PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR BEAUTY REGIMEN - Cleansers and moisturizers are not enough to get great skin. Add these peel pads with antioxidants and anti-aging benefits to your skin care routine to bring out a clearer and more natural appearance. REDUCE SPOTS - These peel pads are so easy to use. Formulated to visibly even out your skin tone, they get rid of dark spots and improve your overall skin complexion. SPA-LIKE RESULTS - With every Perfect Image product, you can confidently improve the health of your skin right at home. These skin enhancing Hydro-Glo pads are safe, easy-to-use, and give noticeable results for all types of skin.