Sara Taylor Woods

Hold Me Down (carolina Girls Book 1)

Product Description Talia Benson has always been independent, unafraid to go after what she wants, regardless of setback, injury, or failure. But between her father’s conditional tuition payments and her mother’s nagging concern over her emotional state, Talia’s suffocating. So when Talia meets doctoral student Sean Poole, she can’t figure out why she wants him to control her. Why she wants him to boss her around. Why she wants him to hurt her. Talia learns the hard way that not all control is created equal, and sometimes submitting is the most empowering thing in the world. From the author: Hold Me Down is a standalone romance with a HEA. It contains graphic sexual situations, language, D/s elements (including Daddy play), as well as discussion (but no depiction) of self-harm. Review "Edgy, sexy, and authentic. Sara Taylor Woods' luscious dream of a debut will have you pinching yourself--or finding someone naughty to do itfor you!" -Tamara Mataya, New York Times Bestselling Author "Hold Me Down is the best kind of intense: the emotions are raw, the kink is hot, and the love is sweet." -Tamsen Parker, USA Today Bestselling Author "HOLD ME DOWN is full of sexy kink and intelligent dialogue, with an addicting voice and captivating hero. Woods is a force in romance." -Megan Erickson, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Gamers series "Sexy and sensual and smart. Everything you're looking for in an erotic romance." -Tiffany Reisz, International Bestselling Author of the Original Sinners on "Well Suited" "HOLD ME DOWN is a sexy, provocative, unforgettable read from start to finish... If what you want is what you need, then this book will have you tied up in knots and falling in love page after page." -Katherine Locke, author of SECOND POSITION and the District Ballet Company series "Humorous and emotionally wrenching. Plan to read this all in one shot, because you're not going to want to put it down. Real people, real issues, and real kink make this a very touching and hot read." -Jodie Griffin, author of MATZOH AND MI