His & Hers – The Hilarious New Real-life Couples Card Game For Adults

WELCOME TO HIS & HERS. SERVD is the hilarious new real life card game turning everyday scenarios into ruthless actions that will push your friendships, test your relationship and have your opponent running for the hills. FUN! THE GAME: Play a card, and suddenly get out of hanging with baes BFFs, play another to make your man manscape his back, sack and/or crack. Alternatively, summon your opponent to do chores exactly the way you like them done, bring you your go-to hangover food or even accompany you to your fav recreation activity with exactly zero complaints. THE RULES: ONE: Agree to a timeframe (E.g. a week, a month, 6 months). TWO: Split the cards up with each player having their own set of unique cards. THREE: Start dishing out cards whenever and wherever you need. NOTE: Cards can be counteracted, played on top of each other and shut down making SERVD a game of strategy and careful planning. 2 Players only, Adults 18+ advised. WHAT’S IN THE SERVD DECK? 52 life-changing relationship-based cards, granting both players 26 chances to force each other into doing a variety of wonderful things. What could possibly go wrong!? SERVD takes everyday scenarios that would come up between either you and your partner or your friend and turns them into actions in a card game. Ultimately injecting some fun and cheekiness into typically BLAH situations. After you agree to a timeframe, you simply split the cards up with each player having their own set of unique cards and start playing. There are 5 variations of the SERVD game, 3 of these are for couples and 2 for friends: - His & Hers, His & His, Hers & Hers (Couples) - BFF's, Bro's (Friends). This Listing is for SERVD HIS & HERS only. Buckle up, it's gonna be a wild ride.