Himirror Smart Beauty Mirror

At Urban Outfitters
Product Sku: 52337649; Color Code: 007 Monitor your complexion with this smart beauty mirror from HiMirror. Equipped with Amazon Alexa and smart technology to analyze your skin and report back on the status of fine lines, dark circles, spots, roughness and more, with recommendations on products to keep your skin in tip-top shape. The perfect place to get ready for the day or night, this mirror offers 2x and 3x magnification, with adjustable brightness and color temperature for just the right lighting. Offers a speaker and microphone function. Features - Amazon Alexa voice service - Analyzes skin for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, roughness, pores + complexion - Skin condition indicator + tips - HiSkin analyzers hydration + pigmentation - Detail views of forehead, eye area, upper cheek, low cheek + neck - Product usage record - Product suggestions based on condition + weather - Analyzes body + fitness - 5 makeup lighting options - Adjustable brightness + color temperature - Virtual makeup try-on - 2x, 3x magnifying - Historical comparison by week, month + year - Time lapse - Speaker + microphone Content + Care - Glass, electronics - Wipe clean - Imported Size - Dimensions: 13”h