High Collar Knit Sweater

At Zara
JOIN LIFE Care for fiber: at least 50% viscose Join Life. We use the Join Life label for items that have been produced using technologies and raw materials that help us reduce the environmental impact of our products. MATERIALS We work with monitoring programs to guarantee compliance with the health, safety, and quality standards for our products. The Green to Wear 2.0 standard aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile manufacturing. To do this, we have developed Inditex’s The List program which helps us guarantee both the purity of production processes and the health and safety of our garments. OUTER SHELL 53% viscose · 27% polyester · 20% nylon Viscose Join Life Viscose Join Life is sourced from more sustainably managed forests with controlled tree growth, guaranteeing respect for primary and protected forests, and with programs that guarantee reforestation. Additionally, in its production process technologies are used that meet the environmental requirements established by European Best Available Techniques (EU BAT), developed by the European Union, that establish more efficient technologies to reduce energy and water consumption and generation of CO2 emissions. Certifications This product was made following the Join Life standard developed by Inditex Group and based on Life Cycle Analysis, an internationally standardized method that allows assessing the impacts of a product in the various phases of its production, use, and end of life. To assess compliance with the standard, a program has been developed of audits performed by specialized external companies. Environmental benefits Protection of endangered and old-growth forests. Reduction of water consumption Reduction of power consumption Reduction of emissions