Healthy Small Windswept Juniper Pre-bonsai (juniperus Procumbens 'nana')

This Windswept Juniper Pre-Bonsai is a New England Bonsai Gardens Exclusive and a perfect outdoor tree to mold into a masterpiece. The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Height: 3-5 inches. Spread: 6-13 inches. Temperature: An advantage to using the Juniper for Bonsai is that because of the degree of hardiness, this tree can remain outdoors, even in the winter months- although it should not be exposed to temperatures below 59 degrees. One of the most important aspects of growing the Juniper outdoors is that the root ball should be carefully protected from frost, as should newly wired or trained trees. Juniper Bonsai grow both indoors as well as outdoors, however, they should be kept in a cooler environment during the winter months in order to experience a winter rest period in order to maintain good health. During this period your bonsai should be protected from drying winds and extremely cold conditions. Junipers are considered outdoor trees. They require a great deal of direct sunlight, changes in temperature, and humidity. When kept outside it can tolerate just about any condition, but don’t let it freeze and make sure it gets afternoon shade in the summer. Lighting: Filtered or shaded sunlight outside is best for your Juniper bonsai. Allow your Juniper bonsai to get low intensity morning sunlight when possible and avoid the direct afternoon sunlight. Green Mound Junipers love lots of bright light with a minimum of four hours direct sunlight a day. This type of juniper tree will grow best in full sun to semi-shade, making it easy to find an acceptable place for it to thrive. Watering: Junipers, as with most bonsai, like to dry out between being watered. You will want to feel the soil every day in order to assess its moisture levels. If there is a rock in the planting lift it up and feel under it, otherwise, just stick your finger about a half of an inch to an inch into the soil. If the soil feels dry, it is time to water your bonsai