Tony & Tina

Healthy Aura Spray, 4 Oz

At Credo
Tony & TinaHealthy Aura Spray 4 oz / 118 ml This Product Is:an aromatherapybody and aura spray Good For:all skin types Why We Love It:Tony & Tina Healthy Aura Sprayis energetically supportive for the body and aura.It may help to clear and repairthe auric field for a sense of lightness and well-being.It is helpfulin protecting the strength and health of your auric field, which is our two-way filter to the world.Tony & Tina have energetically infused this spray with beneficial Reiki energy and positive intentions to bring you health, happiness and energetic protection. This bottle contains a clear quartz crystal programmed for auric field radiance, which may inspire your innate joy.You can use it long after you have used up your bottle. Hold it, sleep with it under your pillow and/or keep it in your pocket to help manifest your daily desires. Shop Tony & Tina Healthy Aura Spray in two scents: Lavender/Bergamot Rose