Harvest Elite Wifi With Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit

At Sur La Table
With this innovative indoor gardening system, you can enjoy garden-fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens and more all year round. Completely soil free, AeroGarden harnesses the power of more than 100 high-performance LED lights to provide optimal growing conditions right on your countertop. An intuitive LCD display guides you through every step of the growing process, from planting, to feeding and watering, to harvest. There’s no complicated lighting schedule to keep track of—the AeroGarden provides ideal lighting conditions that are automatically matched to the plants being grown. Best of all, the new Harvest Elite WiFi lets you guide the entire process using your smart device—no matter where you are. Plus, you’ll get handy tips and reminders via the mobile app. AeroGarden’s nutrient-rich, non-GMO seed pods are designed to give each plant a healthy start. When combined with the specially formulated plant food and regular watering, they deliver fresh, delicious produce up to five times faster than soil.