Handcrafted Japanese Bread Lamp

At Food52
Put down that butter you're holding. Yes, that’s really a lamp, and yes, it’s really made out of bread—really! It was first baked up in Japan, then hollowed out to create space for the long-lasting LED bulb inside. (The extra bits are used to make French toast, croutons, and other delights, so no crumb goes to waste.) And to preserve that buttery hue: It’s finished off with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal coating that makes it last and last. Set yours anywhere you need a little extra light...but maybe steer clear of that plate of pastries. Pampshade’s whimsical lamps are made from real milk bread, batards, and croissants, preserved in all their starchy wonder to give your kitchen or nightstand a pleasant glow. It’s all the wow-worthy handiwork of artist Yukiko Morita, who got this bright idea while working in a bakery. Each lamp here is carefully hollowed out, resulting in some minor cracks or small holes (nice little reminders that they’re handmade, we think). The croissant and milk bread will light up anywhere they glow, er go, no power cord required.