Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit For Vertuoline Capsules 50 Pcs

☕ Perfect Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit: The Grasseed Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit comes with a capsule refill holder, 100 food-grade aluminum foil seals and a cleaning brush. Reuse your Capsules with this Vertuoline pods refill kit. ☕ Premium Quality: Grasseed Vertuo Capsule Holder is made of environmentally friendly materials, the foil seals are made with food-grade aluminum foil. Avoid falling the coffee powder into the coffee machine when you are brewing, so there’s no mess. ☕ Unique Design: Grasseed Vertuo Capsule Holder is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. Just apply and seal your foil lid with a single twist, you can get your new Vertuo Capsule! It’s a fast and easy way to refill bulk pods! ☕ Easy to Use: Put the empty VERTUO Capsule into the holder, add your coffee powder and use the Grasseed foils to align on the edge of the capsule. Unlike other capsule refill holder, you just need to press the top cover of the holder to get a new capsule. ☕ DIY the pods & Reduce the waste: Grasseed Reusable Vertuo Capsule Kit is suitable for bulk pod refills, you can add the coffee powder you like and enjoy the process of brewing. It can be reused and also refill your VERTUO Capsules. So you can save money and reduce waste while refilling and reusing your coffee pods.