Potency 710

Gold Skin Serum

At Potency 710
The Gold Skin Serum is jam-packed with over 20 of the worlds most sought after plant oils. As if that plant magic wasn’t enough. We bring you the newest ingredient to disrupt the beauty industry (CBD ). This full spectrum CBD serum is uniquely blended together with oils like blue tansy, frankincense, sandalwood, and rose oil to name drop a few. In other words it makes it incredibly potent. Super-effective and multi-functional, it not only increases skin’s elasticity, but it also speeds up cell renewal and is a true skin balancer for every skin type. It’s zen like smell, will have you some kind of way. These oils are of course nontoxic, yet-powerful. Delivering a abundance of antioxidants and vitamins that may improve redness, by the same token, reduce hormonal acne, pesky pigmentation, and premature aging. CBD oil is said to be the most unsaturated oil in the plant kingdom, Our Gold serum absorbs into the skin but without clogging pores. The transformation is so real we encourage before photos .