Too Faced

Glitter Glue

At Cult Beauty
For anyone who’s suffered sparkly fallout, dreaded eyeshadow creases or finds their statement glitter eye doesn’t last beyond pre-dinner cocktails, this featherweight formula is the primer you’ve been waiting for. Starring unique binders, the formula locks down even the loosest pigments, keeping your glitter, shimmer and metallic eyeshadow in place and helping it withstand sweat, humidity and tears. And the magic doesn’t stop there – this ingenious formula also grabs pigment, intensifying the colour of your eyeshadow with exquisite results. With a needle-nose applicator that minimises waste and dispenses precisely, Glitter Glue will soon become a mainstay in your make up bag. What’s more, along with the entire Too Faced range, you can rest assured that this is cruelty-free.