Glam Crystals Face & Body Glitter

At Boots
Glam Crystals Face & Body Glitter Available in six light reflecting shades.Simply apply glue using the precise applicator and then dust face and body with your favourite glitter shade.With so many glitter colours available in the range you can create a different look time and time again.How to use:- Apply glue first – either in a specific pattern across one cheek bone or block out an area like your shoulders. - Then pat your chosen glitter shade on with a finger – build up the colour for a more dramatic look. Shades available:Unicorn Tears Fallen Angel Gold DiggerTemptationRoyal DivaSplashTo remove glitter, apply neat liquid soap or shower gel to the glittered area and massage gently until the glitter loosens. Add water to a cotton pad and continue to massage gently. Once glitter has loosened, remove with tissue or cotton pad and bin it, don’t flush it. Take extra care around the sensitive eye area.