Gentle Laundry Detergent

We leave nothing but water! Our first goal was to create something that would not have a major effect on the environment, and that would not harm your machine. Once the formula rinses out, it’s gone (along with dirt, perfume, ammonia, etc)! Our formula is plant-based. Period. You can even use it on pet bedding and pet clothing! Our formulation also meets EU standards, and we are not animal tested. STOP POURING THE DETERGENT! Our formula comes in 32-ounce bottles. You won’t need as much detergent. We don’t use fragrance - ever. We’ve found in our own testing (none of which was on animals) and through many interviews with others, that fragrance just causes a problem when it comes to skin irritation. We use 100% essential oils (not essential oils mixed with fragrance as in other leading brands), that will have some smell, but will rinse away. These are just a few things to think about when choosing an alternative to the traditional detergent. For the long haul we all want something that will last longer, and be powerful, with the goal to leave less of a carbon footprint and not cause irritation. Not to mention, you want it to be gentle on your clothing as well. Size: 32 oz of gentle detergent.